President Donald Trump’s Effect on Palm Beach County

In November, Donald Trump won the election over Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States of America. At the time, no one thought much of Palm Beach County. The questions mostly surrounded different policies and how they would impact the country as a whole. However, as we continue on in President Donald Trump’s leading the nation, trends have developed. See, Trump enjoys spending his free time down in Florida. He does a fair share of his work down in Florida and often visits for various reasons. While the President coming down to visit could be a boost for a state, it could also detract from the state as a whole.

More specifically, President Donald Trump impacts Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County is his county of choice, so when he comes down to Florida to visit, the county sees his overall impact the most. There are traffic changes, airport switches, and more. While the people understand the President gets preferential treatment, few prepared themselves for the presidency having this big of an impact on Palm Beach County. Let’s look closer at how President Donald Trump’s love of Palm Beach County impacts the area.

President Donald Trump’s Effect on Palm Beach County

Travel Changes For The Worse:

When the President wants air-space, the President gets air-space. While this makes sense considering his status among people in the United States, it does not make things any easier for others in the area. Trump’s frequent trips to and from Palm Beach County have shown the impact having a President in the air can do for the general population. When Trump needs planes to be held off the runway so he can come in, planes are held off the runway so he can come in. When Trump needs planes delayed so he can leave first, planes are delayed so he can leave first.

The President always gets priority over the people, and the people are learning that the hard way. Some people are seeing it impact their work. Considering how much time Trump spends in the Florida air, someone who works in the air-space advertising banners industry, for example, sees the impact in the toughest way. Trump’s hogging up the air means the company cannot fly their banners. Thus, Trump can have a negative impact on businesses.

Regardless, the President wishing to fly back and forth to Palm Beach County means everyone in the county must be aware that their flights come second fiddle to his. While that’s an unfortunate reality, it’s the new reality for the county.

Club-Goers Love It

While a negative of Trump’s existence on the Palm Beach County scene is his hogging up the air-time, once he lands there are plenty of people who love having the President around. President Donald Trump spends the majority of his time at the club called Mar-a-Lago, even holding highly crucial to the nation briefings at the club. While this may not be the safest approach, the general population seems to enjoy having him so in the picture and around them. At the club, people enjoy seeing the President work alongside them rather than in an office building.

Meanwhile, Mar-a-Lago now is a nationally known name. This brings plenty of publicity to Florida and Palm Beach County. However frustrating the travel differences may be, more people wish to travel to Florida now. The increase in tourists means an increase in business as well. So having President Donald Trump around may be frustrating, but it can pay off as well. For the people, everyone wants what’s best for themselves. Trump’s existence on the Florida scene brings plenty to the table despite the frustration it can cause as well.

Palm Beach County Is Home

When push comes to shove, despite being President, Donald Trump is just another person who loves Palm Beach County. And while things may be more difficult for the general population in terms of flying and traffic, that means something. Everyone has a right to work where they choose, and Trump chooses to work at Mar-a-Lago plenty of the time. This speaks to the luxury of Palm Beach County. Also, how it can reel people in and never let them go.

So while Palm Beach County is often in the news due to Mar-a-Lago, it can be looked at in the light of how great of a County it is. And for those living in Palm Beach County, it can be a sort of bragging point. The County is so wonderful that the President of the United States wants to work from there, despite having every place essentially at his disposal.

There is a lot of pride in where one lives, and the pride is at its peak in Palm Beach County. Now hopefully the airports can find a way to accommodate the President and the people.