Palm Beach County Mansion Parties Are All the Rage

What is one dream of just about any high school to college aged kid? An empty house to throw a huge party. Thanks to apps like Airbnb and various vacation home renting websites these empty homes are becoming easier and easier to find. Thanks to social media, party organizers can spread news of upcoming parties like a wild fire. Apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook make it possible for word of the party to reach hundreds and even thousands of potential party goers. This new wave of partying is sweeping across South Florida and specifically with the New Palm Beach County Mansion Party becoming the most troublesome.

Who Throws these Palm Beach County Mansion Parties?

Who organizes these parties you may ask yourself. These are specific people known as “party organizers” typically about 20 to 25 years old. However, these party organizers are not just kids who decide to throw a party one random night. Many of them have connections to local realtors and real estate agents in order to get inside news about vacant homes and properties. As one party organizer who goes by StephToTrill describes each party as having two party gods, the DJ, and the person who secures the house. StephToTrill is one of these party gods.

When asked how he finds the houses he said “I know Realtors. I know a couple people. I’m in the game for a while. We make it happen.” For guys entry into the party usually, cost five to ten dollars. These parties generally end up being around three to four hundred people. However, it is not uncommon to see parties of five hundred people and over. It is becoming much more common for police to be called out to these parties by angry neighbors. Even when parties get shut down early, the organizers still make off with all the money. As StephToTrill put “We made a couple thousand. The party started at 9 and ended at 10:30. We’re making what people make in a month in an hour and a half.”

Social Media

Thanks to social media advertising these parties is easier than ever. The problem is that once news of a party is sent out, it becomes limitless. There is no stopping kids from sending it to anyone they like. Because of this never ending invitation, you will see kids from different schools and even different cities at these parties. Another problem social media creates is that so many kids like, share, and send the invitation to their friends it can be hard to determine where it started from. Recent invitations that have swept across the Palm Beach County Mansion Party scene include “Palm Beach Island Pool Banger Mansion Party — Wet and Wild Edition” and “Palmghanistan Mansion Party.”

Home Owners Left in the Dark

Many Palm Beach County Mansion parties happen without the homeowner’s knowledge. There are rare instances when the homeowner is in on the party. This is true in the case of Diana Irizarry. The 48-year-old was arrested in December for allowing the house party. She watched as a twenty-one-year-old collected five dollars from every party goer. However, in almost all cases home owners have no idea what is transpiring at their homes. That is exactly what happened to Alfred and Jan Malley. The Alfred’s leave town in the summer and have their property manager look after their $9.87 million dollar estate.

This past May the property manager had his family over to the estate. The manager’s kids told their friends about the house, who then told their friends. This is the house the famed “Palm Beach Island Pool Banger Mansion Party — Wet and Wild Edition” took place at. A video of the party made rounds on the Internet which included underage drinking and drug use. The video also includes men opening beer cans by smashing them on their heads and then chugging them, which is a classy touch. The property manager described the incident as “Too many people showed up. The cops came, and I said I don’t know these people, and we shut it down.”

Angry Neighbors

These parties do not just affect the homes they are thrown in but neighbors and even whole neighborhoods. Neighbors and surrounding houses are often unable to sleep because of the loud noise coming from these parties. They usually come out in the morning to find their front lawns littered with trash and sometimes parked cars on their property. Steve Homrich who has been a neighbor to one of these Palm Beach County Mansion parties says “You see 400 people walking down the street, it’s scary.”

No Change Coming

For individuals who are hoping for an end to these parties, there is a painful reality to face; they are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. With the money to be made, the ease of advertisement, and ease of finding an open venue it is almost effortless for party organizers to put these events together. However, the biggest obstacle to stopping these parties is the law itself. Local governments can not ban home rentals. So until home rental laws change, it is hard to see the Palm Beach County Mansion party scene coming to an end anytime soon.