5 Reasons Frenchman’s Creek Is a Great Luxury Country Club Experience

Frenchman’s Creek provides an incredible luxury country club experience.  When you join or become a part of a country club, you should have top of the line services and amenities. Frenchman’s Creek provides top of the line 5-star resort amenities that’ll give you a whole new meaning to the word luxury. Here are five reasons why Frenchman’s Creek provides an unforgettable luxury country club experience.

  1. 1.Luxury Country Club Golf Courses

  2. Frenchman’s Creek Country Club aims to provide the highest quality of luxury golf courses in Florida. Country Club golf courses are by far the places to enjoy golf. At Frenchman’s we manicure our golf courses well, and we always keep our greens up to par. (pun intended) We have two championship golf courses.  The South course, designed by Jim Fazio. And the North course, designed by Robert Cupp. Our courses are integrated with creeks and lakes that encamp the beautiful wildlife. The course has a variety of challenging holes to play. Our Golf program offers many events. As a result, we offer tournaments and clinics for all skill levels. Even if you’re not a golfer the scenery is enough to leave you satisfied.

2. Private Beach Club

The Frenchman’s Creek luxury country club private beach club is a unique feature to the community. The club gives you unlimited access to the waters of the Atlantic ocean. We offer a cabana, class restaurants and fresh fruit and vegetables. From the moment that you step foot all of your needs are catered to you. The beach is a great place to relax and have some fun in the sun. Having an all-access pass to this private beach is what convenience is all about. Why drive ten to twenty minutes to the nearest beach, when at Frenchman’s Creek you have a luxury country club beach right in your backyard.

3. Luxury Country Club Tennis Courts

How’s your tennis game? Frenchman Creek offers plenty of tennis programs to learn, improve, and enjoy some competition. By the same token if you love the game of tennis our staff will search for a game that fits your skill level. Your family can join and participate as well. From grandma and grandpa to your children.  Also, we offer class and junior group training sessions. No doubt tennis as much as it is a game, it’s also an experience. You share this experience with friends and family. The great staff at Frenchman Creek tennis center know this. Consequently, that’s why our goal with these various tennis programs is to continue to make it such a unique community.

Tennis Court Features

The tennis courts at Frenchman’s has some terrific amenities. Moreover, the tennis center has thirteen har-true tennis courts that also are lighted up during the evening as well. In addition, we have six pickleball courts and two bocce ball courts.  We have a fully stocked and equipped tennis pro shop facility. Meanwhile, at the pro shop, you’ll be able to stock up on the latest and best tennis gear.

4. Deep Water Marina and Yacht Access

Next to Frenchman Creek are the Loggerhead Club and Marina.  For this reason, members of the club can access the marina by boat. Furthermore, ninety-five special homes have a waterfront view that also has direct access to the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway. For instance directly across from the community and accessible through the deep canals.

5. Fitness and Spa Center

At Frenchman’s Creek, we have a state of the art facility dedicated to fitness and spa. We have a personal well-certified training staff.  Furthermore, the staff will provide you with individual instruction to help you reach your fitness goals. Frenchman’s Creek offers services such as weight management. With weight management, you can decide whether you want to gain weight, tone up, or lose weight. Any goal you desire to reach we’ll help you achieve it.  Another feature that we have at the fitness center is aquatic exercise. A unique way of exercise that uses the water to constantly have a muscle load without the stress on your joints.

Spa Center

Ultimately after a long hard gym workout, you can relax at the spa. Everybody needs to make time to relax. Relaxing is good for the body. Spas are meant to get you to relax. At Frenchman’s Creek, we offer a full array of spa services. After you’ve gone through our spa services, you will feel refreshed and revitalized. With services such as rejuvenating massages, body massages, and facial care, you’ll grow to love the spa. You’ll be in the best of hands are you go through our spa services. We have medical professionals from Jupiter Medical Center. Consequently, they provide services such as occupational, physical, and speech therapy as well.


By and large Frenchman’s Creek Country Club provides an unforgettable luxury country club experience. You will enjoy all the perks and pleasures that the club has to offer. South Florida is a vacation destination, but at Frenchman’s Creek, you’ll have your own personal hub of activities, fitness, and spa services at your own convenience every day.