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Homes in Palm Beach Gardens

homes in palm beach gardens

Luxury is hard to define. For some, luxury includes elegant classic features reminiscent of old world traditions. For others, luxury is intrinsically linked to convenience, being that technological or service related. When searching for homes in Palm Beach Gardens, prospective homebuyers are offered an array of properties described as luxury real estate. A savvy buyer… Read more »

Real Estate in Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate

What You Need to Know About Real Estate in Palm Beach Gardens Palm Beach Gardens is one of the most elegant locations in South Florida. Also known as PGA, the area carries the air of a secluded coastal site. Real Estate in Palm beach Gardens also carries a few secrets of its own. In a region… Read more »

Frenchman’s Creek Real Estate

Our Country Club is known for its impeccable landscape and outstanding service, but the club is a perk exclusive to Frenchman’s Creek Real Estate residents. The chance to join the club is avaiable with recent listings of gorgeous homes. Frenchman’s Creek Real Estate opportunities are more than your average purchasing of a house; it is… Read more »

Country Club Membership

The decision to obtain a Country Club Membership usually rests on the amount spent on initiation dues. However, the members of Frenchman’s Creek will tell you a different story. Not only the investment is worth the cost, but the rewards go beyond calculable compensations. Membership from a prestigious country club such as Frenchman’s Creek includes… Read more »

Spa in Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Spa

The Frenchman’s Creek Spa At Frenchman’s Creek, we believe that life should be more about living and less about doing. Our busy schedules and constant social demands require us to schedule time for ourselves. That is why we treat our members with the best Spa in Palm Beach Gardens. Our private space of tranquility is… Read more »

Palm Beach Country Club

Exclusive Beach Club Frenchman’s Creek Palm Beach Country Club welcomes members to a private beach club overlooking the white sands of Juno Beach. Members are greeted with valet parking at the elegant building found nestled among tropical vegetation. Crossing the exuberant dining room we find an olympic style pool where you can enjoy the sunshine… Read more »

Palm Beach Gardens Country Club

Everyone is welcomed at Frenchman’s Creek. Our exclusive luxury community within Palm Beach Gardens Country Club takes great pleasure in greeting members and guests daily. The world class service starts with a warm greeting at the Porte Cochere by our valet drivers. Your vehicle or golf cart will be carefully parked and, if desired, it… Read more »