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How to Buy a Home in Palm Beach Gardens

palm beach

Palm Beach Gardens features the finest luxury in South Florida real estate. Private and secure, Palm Beach Gardens is an exquisite place to call home. The world-class amenities included with residing in Palm Beach Gardens cannot be duplicated. Joining the Palm Beach Gardens community is a decision you will always celebrate. Consider some of these… Read more »

What to Expect from Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate

Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate

When most people think of Florida, some of the first things that come to mind are the beautiful beaches with their shimmering, crystalline, blue-green waves. Or perhaps the tropically inspired nightlife of South Beach and Miami is the first image you see in your mind’s eye.  Southeast Florida certainly has all of these things and more…. Read more »

Wall Street Journal Features Frenchman’s Creek

Frenchman’s Creek Sets Example For Country Clubs Nationwide   This past weekend, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled Can Yoga Save the Golf Club? Amidst a climate of failing country clubs, WSJ profiles Frenchman’s Creek as a prime example of how expanding amenities attract and gratify our members. In particular, they highlight our $6… Read more »

Imagining the Ideal Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate

palm beach gardens real estate

Palm Beach Gardens real estate is some of the most attractive and enticing in all of Southeast Florida. Thanks to the area’s ideal location, perfect weather, ocean access, and vibrant community, people are eager to purchase Palm Beach Gardens real estate and start living the life they have always dreamed of. The irony is that… Read more »

How to Evaluate Country Club Membership Fees

If you have never been a member of a country club, you may find the memberships fees to be a baffling expense. Trying to determine if country club memberships fees are too high or lower than expected is not easy. There is a lot of salesmanship involved with getting you to join. And what might… Read more »

The Best Private Golf Courses in Florida – What Sets Them Apart?

best private golf courses in florida

Florida is one of the leading states regarding the number of private golf courses. If you are looking for a premier experience, that can make it hard to identify the great from the good. The best private golf courses in Florida have certain characteristics that set them a cut above the rest. What Makes for… Read more »

Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club First-Class Service Saves Lives

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Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club goes above and beyond to set itself apart from every other country club in the area. No effort is spared to deliver a first-class experience to all of our members and their guests. But this involves a lot more than just providing the kind of comfort, convenience, luxury, and… Read more »

Community Beach Clean Up with Complimentary Breakfast & Prizes

Beach Clean Up

A big part of what makes life in Frenchman’s Creek so fantastic is the easy access to pristine beaches. But since these sandy landscapes are so popular, and since the ocean washes just about anything and everything onto shore, it’s necessary to take some time to have a beach clean up. Juno Beach Civic Association… Read more »

What to Expect from the Best Private Golf Courses in Florida

The best private golf courses in Florida stand above and beyond their public counterparts, and even stand apart from other private courses. They have been designed by some of the world’s premier golf experts and offer luxuries and amenities that represent the best of the best. If you love to golf and love to enjoy… Read more »

Luxury Homes for Sale in Palm Beach Gardens

Frenchman’s Creek Has Gorgeous Luxury Homes for Sale in Palm Beach Gardens! Living in Palm Beach Gardens comes with a certain sense of luxury and exclusivity, and there is no place more exclusive in the ever-exclusive Palm Beach Gardens than Frenchman’s Creek. With gorgeous luxury homes for sale in Palm Beach Gardens, Frenchman’s Creek also… Read more »