Mortgage Rates Flatline as Housing Market Slows

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Simple Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

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The Top 4 Golf Course Designers

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Palm Beach County Golf Courses: A Match Made in Heaven

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The Benefits of Having a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

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Palm Beach County Mansion Parties Are All the Rage

What is one dream of just about any high school to college aged kid? An empty house to throw a huge party. Thanks to apps like Airbnb and various vacation home renting websites these empty homes are becoming easier and easier to find. Thanks to social media, party organizers can spread news of upcoming parties… Read more »

Benefits of Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate

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Local Country Clubs, What to Look for

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5 Reasons Frenchman’s Creek Is a Great Luxury Country Club Experience

Frenchman’s Creek provides an incredible luxury country club experience.  When you join or become a part of a country club, you should have top of the line services and amenities. Frenchman’s Creek provides top of the line 5-star resort amenities that’ll give you a whole new meaning to the word luxury. Here are five reasons… Read more »